Top 10 Ideas For Press Releases To Gain You The Exposure And Attention You Deserve

Sometimes it’s hard to think of news for your company that you should be telling the world about through press releases.  Following is a list of ideas to get your press release campaign jumpstarted.

10) Promotion or Hiring of a Person
When someone is hired to a position or when someone is promoted, issue a release.  It’s also wonderful for employees to see their name in print.

9) Event
If you’re planning a reception, conference, 5K walk, or any other type of event, they’re great for getting media attention.

8) Expanding Business
When your company expands, it’s newsworthy.  People love to hear about companies that are growing. This could be for a new location or entering a new market.

7) Contribution to a Charity
It’s always uplifting to hear about ‘good news.’  Issuing releases on contributions or participation in charity events raises the brand equity of a company.

6) Winning an Honor or Award
Whether your company or a person in your company wins an honor or award, spreading the news is fantastic to create goodwill.

5) Product Release or Upgrade
Let everyone know what a value you are with your new product introductions and upgrades.

4) Sales promotion
Do you have a special sale for a product or service?  Make sure everyone knows by writing a press release.

3) Joint Venture/Strategic Partnership
Have you created an amazing relationship that going to drastically benefit your client base?  Spread the news with a press release.

2) Re-organization
When you’ve re-organized to re-position your company and operations, releases can be effective information sources.  NOTE: This is not always a good idea if it could be perceived negatively (i.e. reductions in forces, etc.)

1) Sponsorship
Maximize the money you’ve invested in a sponsorship by sending out a press release talking about the sponsorship and why it’s significant.

After reviewing this list you may realize that you have a lot of happenings that are newsworthy and can write press releases around them.