As DIY Marketing Month is winding down, DIY Marketing, a brand of Lauren Originals, Inc. unveils a website to encourage small businesses and entrepreneurs with their marketing efforts: is an online video channel with professionally produced video snippets by DIY Marketing Founder, Lauren Darr. Each video has a focused topic with how-to information for marketing tactics. All of the information is geared toward the goal of action and results for small businesses and entrepreneurs when it comes to their marketing.

Each week, a new video will be released via to educate companies on how to generate communications and promotions that make their brands stand out. Topics will vary so as to cover the most breadth and depth of information. People that want to peruse the videos are NOT required to register to view. However, folks are highly encouraged to sign up for the DIY Marketing enewsletter list in order to be sure to know when the latest videos are released.

There are several categories of marketing that will be covered on including: Advertising, Branding, Direct Marketing, Online Marketing, Public Relations, Strategy, and Promotions. As needs arise, additional topic areas will be added. Additionally, Lauren Darr, Founder of DIY Marketing, will be blogging from the website.

Ms. Darr has developed each of the videos in a way to encompass and cover her more than twenty years of marketing communications experience. She commented, “My goal is to take the mystery out of marketing and dissolve fears when it comes to just getting marketing done. Entrepreneurs need practical and implementable marketing advice that doesn’t fall in the ‘too hard’ category. With, we are able to reach thousands of people worldwide in a way that provides a personal, practical advice.”

DIY Marketing is a concept needed now more than ever for all types of businesses wanting to succeed in questionable times. To celebrate, DIY Marketing Month (June), DIY Marketing launched the 30 Days of Marketing Tips series at the beginning of June with great success. Hundreds of small businesses and entrepreneurs registered on This was a clear indicator that there is a sincere need for solid marketing communications support for companies worldwide.

DIY Marketing is a concept Lauren created after finding out how much misinformation was ‘out there’ when it came to marketing. This ignited her passion for helping companies succeed through their marketing efforts.

Lauren Darr is a marketing strategist with a passion for helping small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed through their marketing efforts. Throughout her twenty-plus career, she has made a name for herself by creating campaigns that have won over 40 awards. More importantly, however, her original ideas get her clients the attention that their products and solutions deserve. She’s been accused of being smart, savvy, creative, and, at times, sarcastic. To which she’ll chuck and reply, “No Comment.”

DIY Marketing is a proud brand of Lauren Originals, Inc. with a tagline to empower entrepreneurs and small businesses worldwide” “Yes, You Can!”