As A Follow Up To DIY Marketing Month, DIY Marketing Introduces the “30 Days Of Marketing Tips: Marketing Advice For Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs” Book

Written as a follow up to the highly successful 30 Days of Marketing Tips email series presented during DIY Marketing Month (June), Lauren L. Darr has expanded the information presented in the 30 Days of Marketing emails to include even more in depth knowledge on marketing tactics. She has taken her twenty-plus years of marketing experience and packed the “30 Days of Marketing Tips: Marketing Advice For Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs” book with snippets of get-it-done type advice.

30 Days Of Marketing Tips by Lauren Darr

Lauren L. Darr, Founder of DIY Marketing, wrote “30 Days of Marketing Tips”

DIY Marketing is a concept needed now more than ever for all types of businesses wanting to succeed in questionable times. To celebrate DIY Marketing Month (June), DIY Marketing launched the 30 Days of Marketing Tips series at the beginning of June with great success. Hundreds of small businesses and entrepreneurs registered on This was a clear indicator that there is a sincere need for solid marketing communications support for companies worldwide.

This book is bursting with even more sensible and implementable marketing information for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Lauren Darr, Founder of DIY Marketing, prepared this amazing series of Do-It-Yourself Marketing advice in honor of DIY Marketing month and was humbled by the response to her tips. “This roll-up-your-shirt-sleeves, easy-to-understand advice was extremely well-received— to the point that we felt it would be a disservice not to develop the concepts and tips further,” commented Darr.

“Creating this book and series was a labor of love for me. I’m passionate about the entrepreneurial spirit that drives so many others like myself. My goal is to empower companies where their marketing is concerned. Having a sound marketing strategy will get companies through that sometimes painful, sweet spot of time in between having to do everything themselves and being able to hire a marketing team. We provide that bridge through the DIY Marketing brand,” Darr furthered.

The “30 Days of Marketing Tips…” book isn’t pie-in-the-sky marketing theory. This is marketing geared toward RESULTS! And, now, with even more detailed how-to advice, this information is available in handy book form at an amazing price. The book is being introduced at a super-affordable price of $8.97. It’s available on the website and soon through several online retail outlets such as

DIY Marketing is a concept Lauren created after finding out how much misinformation was ‘out there’ when it came to marketing. This ignited her passion for helping companies succeed through their marketing efforts. Recently, the Lauren also launched and online video channel to aid companies even more:

Lauren Darr is a marketing strategist with a passion for helping small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed through their marketing efforts. Throughout her twenty-plus career, she has made a name for herself by creating campaigns that have won over 40 awards. More importantly, however, her original ideas get her clients the attention that their products and solutions deserve. She’s been accused of being smart, savvy, creative, and, at times, sarcastic. To which she’ll chuck and reply, “No Comment.”

DIY Marketing presents these marketing tips and is a proud brand of Lauren Originals, Inc. with a tagline to empower entrepreneurs and small businesses worldwide” “Yes, You Can!”