I’m always asked by companies “What can we do to attract attention and stand out.” So, when I’m out and about and see something that catches my eye from a marketing perspective I just have to get out my phone out and snap a photo.

Mayfield Cow Photo

Mayfield Cow adds Marketing WOW

This summer I was in Ohio and happened to pass by this beauty in a Wal-Mart parking lot. I’m not sure if she was on her way to a fair or on her way back to Mayfield Ice Cream. What I do know is that she stood out from everything else around me and made me take notice.

The great thing about this is that, not only are they attracting attention by having an enormous cow to tote around to different events, but they are also giving away FREE ICE CREAM as noted on the signage on the side. This is combining a couple of marketing ideas:

–       Build something so intriguing that people will come by. Realize that people will also take photos of themselves in front of this mascot and post it onto their social media networks, further the brand reach.

–       Offer a free sample. What better way to get people addicted to your product (especially something as yummy as ice cream!) than to offer free samples?

What can a Dynamic DIY Marketer learn from this? Think of ways that you can stand out. Is there something you can build or create that will attract attention? Not everyone will have the budget for something like a cow so you may need to get creative. Also, what can you do to give people a delectable taste of your product so that they’ll come back wanting more and more?